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About Us
DBHL Summer is an extension of the Dorval Ball Hockey League. The DBHL Winter League is the longest running outdoor ball hockey league in Canada, having played it's first season in 1971. In it's inaugural season of 2008, DBHL Summer had a 5-on-5 format and played at the same Jean XXIII High School location which is still the home to the DBHL Winter League. However following a fire at that rink in 2009 the Summer League moved to Spring Gardens Park in DDO and is now a 4-on-4 league. While the rink in Dorval was eventually repaired, the Spring Gardens rink was better suited to the 4-on-4 format and remained the home of DBHL Summer.

Paul Miceli
Chris Haddad

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DBHL Summer Rules
The following rules are specific to DBHL Summer. Any rules not mentioned here revert to standard DBHL rules.

  • Games consist of three (3) periods that are ten (10) minutes in length. Time is stopped in between whistles.
  • During the regular season if a game is tied after the three (3) regulation periods, a breakaway shootout will determine the winner. Each team will designate three (3) different players for the shootout. If the game is still tied after each player has made their attempt, each team will send one (1) more player that has not yet made an attempt until a victor is decided. If every player on a team (excluding the goaltender) has taken an attempt then the sequence will restart from the first player in the same order.
  • There is no shooutout in the playoffs. All playoff games that are tied after regulation will go to sudden death overtime (10 minute periods).
  • Each team shall have no more than five (5) players (including the goaltender) on the rink at any time.
  • The sole exception to the preceding rule is if one team is serving concurrent penalties (has a two (2) man disadvantage). In this case instead of the offending team having only three (3) players, the team with the power play will add a sixth (6th) player until the first (1st) whistle after the first (1st) penalty has expired.
  • Regular season team points are awarded as follows: Three (3) points are awarded for a regulation victory, two (2) points are awarded for a shootout victory, one (1) point is awarded for a shootout loss, zero (0) points are awarded for a regulation loss.
  • If a team has three (3) or more regular players absent (not including the goaltender), spares may be used if they are approved by the opposing captain AND the committee. No regular players can serve as a spare for another team.
  • If there are four (4) teams, the playoff semi-finals will feature the first (1st) place team against the fourth (4th) place team and the second (2nd) place team against the third (3rd) place team in best-of-3 series. The winner of each series will advance to play each other in the best-of-3 finals.
  • If there are six (6) teams, the playoff quarter-finals will feature the third (3rd) place team against the sixth (6th) place team and the fourth (4th) place team against the fifth (5th) place team in best-of-2 series, while the first (1st) and second (2nd) place teams receive a bye. If each team has one (1) win then at the conclusion of the second (2nd) game of the quarter-finals, then sudden death overtime will be played until one (1) goal is scored to determine the series winner. The winner of each quarter-final series will advance to play the first (1st) and second (2nd) place teams in the best-of-3 semi-finals, with the lower seeded winner playing the first (1st) place team and the higher seeded winner playing the second (2nd) place team. The winner of each semi-final series will advance to play each other in the best-of-3 finals.

Location: Spring Garden Park

Past Champions

2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Dekes of Hazard Beerohazard Bluepers Cotton Balls Corn on the Clobbers
Chris Haddad (Captain) Fil Papagiannopoulos (Captain) Jon Pelletier (Captain) Chris Haddad (Captain) Jimmy Sirois (Captain)
Chris Cameron (G) Marc Cloutier Jon Rigarlsford Claude Thibert Sonny Patel
Claude Thibert John Hagiepetros (G) Craig Butler Mathieu Héroux Al Djerkic
Mathieu Héroux Trevor Wilson Philippe Melancon Eric Mecteau Eric Mecteau
Frédéric Chapleau Mathieu Héroux Hamish McLauchlan Jean-François Desroches Jeremy McClymont
Paul Miceli Laurent Massa Christian Delcourt Frédéric Chapleau Shayne Braganza
Nicolas Baier Allen Low John Kelly Paul Miceli Paul Miceli
Phil Brun Jason Karam Kevin Gibbs Jonathan Bishop Andy Benson
Taso Tsikis Jack Hagiepetros Jack McGovern (G) Pierre Saad Matthew Timbro
Jimmy Farilekas Jack McGovern (G) John Kelly
Eric Hanouch Jack McGovern (G)
2011 2010 2009 2008
Blue By You Mean Green Smoking Machine Femmes Fontaines Ebony & Ivories
Steph Thibert (Captain) Vassil Nechev (Captain) Ben Fontaine (Captain) Ben Fontaine (Captain)
Chris Haddad Chris Haddad Chris Haddad Chris Haddad
Frank Dalphond Gabe Kaplansky Mathieu Heroux Eyal Artzy
Misha Artzy Vic Pons Eric Mecteau Eric Mecteau
Justin Thibert Francis Leblanc Misha Artzy Misha Artzy
Simon L'Archevesque Djeffrey Cameau Hamish McLauchlan Marc Cloutier
Jonathan Bishop Pierre Saad (G) Paul Miceli Paul Miceli
Hamish Mclauchlan Andrew Jackson (G) JF Martineau (G) Ludger Damus
Claude Melancon Richard Dinelle
Deo Mancini Jesse Tustin (G)
Stephane Desormiers (G)